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Groundhog Day

Quarantine sucks. And I am sort of in quarantine all the time. I have been told by my oncologist for over a year to stay away from large crowds and to not let sick people get within 6 feet from me. 

But this takes the cake. Just three weeks ago, @LeeDeWyze was at my house and we were all in a group discussing how interesting this corona virus thing was. None of us was particularly worried. None of us wore masks. Toilet paper hoarders had surfaced in Lee's home state of California, but we all chuckled about them. I don't think any of us worried that within 3 weeks, we would all be practicing self distance. Or that finding toilet paper would be a serious predicament.

None of us knew what our president had known about since early January. That this was a pandemic. 

My life has not drastically changed. I only go out to get chemo and to doctor appointments. T and I had discussed her taking FMLA sometime in the next year; we had casually batted around her taking it now. But cancer is …

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