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 Journal Day 34 My first thought is that I really miss the park. Unlike the park, the only things to lay my eyes on at a book store are the books that I will not be buying, sea salt caramels, sugar cookies and pumpkin scones that I should not have. Let's not forget the coffee menu tempting me with an eggnog latte. I say "yes" to the latte! Tomorrow, I will change it up and go to my old stomping grounds, Estabrook Cancer Center. It was where I received radiation treatment at 10:00 a.m., every day, for six weeks straight. It's a large building with lots of places to sit. I won't venture to where radiation takes place, even though there were always plenty of seats in that part of the building. Too many memories that are just a bit raw.  The first month of radiation was not too uncomfortable. The last two weeks were a slow torture of knowing that my poor burned chest was getting zapped again and again. I look at the photos T took of my chest, and I am amazed at my own

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